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Gold - metal beautiful yellow color with a high gloss, soft, malleable, very chemically resistant. Due to special additives it can be yellow, white, red. Few people know that there is also a green, pink, black and blue gold, and such iridescence often inherent in one product. Gold - too soft metal, so all the jewels, which we call the "golden" are alloys with other metals that are added for hardness. In Europe the most common alloy, palladium or platinum, making it yellow, most similar in color to the native.

Art Studio MJ custom- make any product from any of the types of precious metals from the classic nugget of pure 24ct, gold 999-carat to the latest jewelery alloys in different colors, gold, platinum, palladium and other rare earth metals.

Gold bullion bank 999.9-carat (pure gold - 24 carat Gold Bar 24k) by MJ Customize
Individual orders issued any form of ingots and any sample 585, 750, 777, 888, 999, etc.
Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum Ingots weight: 1g, 5g 10g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, 10kg, 100kg...

Busts, statues, figurines and other souvenirs of pure gold by MJ
Individual orders issued any figures from historical figures to individuals.
Gold bust of Hippocrates, Aristotle, Caesar, Napoleon, Che Guevara, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Putin, Yanukovych, Obama...
Any busts of historical figures to individual orders of silver, gold, platinum and gold. stone and bone...
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Golden baseball bat. These full-size baseball bats made of red, yellow or white gold.
Individual orders in all sizes and models bit with drawing or engraving inlay.
Bits are available as-cast of gold and gilded. And also with the decor diamonds and gems.
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Exclusive figurines, figurines, busts and other gifts of gold, silver or bronze.
Figures for individual orders of all shapes and sizes of precious materials - www.figurines.mj777.com

Exclusive handmade golden gun. Golden gun with platinum inlay.
Any weapon model gilded or integrally molded gold for individual orders.
Any kinds of precious stones and metals - gold, platinum, silver, palladium, diamonds...
See also catalog exclusive weapons - www.weapon.mj777.com
Unique Golden Gun Limited Edition - Gold Gun 18k Horse Brilliant
Gun Made of White and Yellow Gold. Inlaid Diamonds

Golden Lion. Figurines any form of pure 24-karat gold by MJ.
Individual orders statues of gold, silver or platinum any carat.
Souvenirs made of solid cast gold. Plated souvenirs. Souvenirs, covered with gold leaf.
See also catalog exclusive handmade figurines - www.figurines.mj777.com
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Gold cufflinks with any state emblems for individual orders.
State Emblem Cufflinks Made of Solid Gold or Gilding Gold Plated by MJ
See also catalog exclusive cufflinks and tie clips - www.cufflinks.mj777.com
And jewelry catalog rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants - www.jewelry.mj777.com

Gold-plated dumbbells. Decorative gilt. Galvanic gilding. Gilding with gold leaf. Gold customize by MJ
Bells from molten gold. Gold outside and inside. Unique exclusive contribution of money.
If necessary, the conspiracy "sawing sawing Shura" kettlebell or dumbbell can cover Rubber black or red.
Individual orders can be conventional dumbbells just gild or run them completely out of gold or platinum.
Individual orders production of any product of a series of sports equipment and gaming accessories..
Gold putter golden racket, gold ball, gold plate, gold cue, gold boots, gold chess, dominoes golden...
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Gold knives. Golden scabbard. Gold daggers. Golden sabers. Golden swords. Gold edged weapons.
Knives in a single copy of the white and yellow gold, wood, steel jewelry, fancy diamonds.
Single Copy Knife Made Of Gold Wood Steel and Fancy Diamond
See also catalog exclusive knives and luxury accessories - www.knife.mj777.com

Gold buckle. Buckles for belts and gold belts. Gold belts.
Unique VIP crocodile leather straps and buckles of precious metals.
Individual orders can be manufactured buckles inlaid with coats of arms,
zodiac signs, initials, logos, emblems and other symbols of precious metals:
yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium, silver...
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Handmade golden phone. Unique phone from molten gold in a single copy.
Unique Mobile Phone Single Edition by MJ - Nokia Nokia 8800 Arte Gold SG585
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Gold mobile phone. Golden Phone case, buttons and joystick of gold by MJ.
Products made of solid gold or in a simplified form using gold and special. spraying AMG.
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Gold pendant. Golden pendant. Gold necklace. Gold flash drive. Gold jewelry from 14 to 24 carats.
Gold flash card-heart-shaped pendant studded with diamonds. Based on the super fast memory capacity from 8GB to 256GB
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MJ Golden Necklace Heart USB Flash Drive Edition

Millionaires Mouse Gold Edition - Metal Sun - Full Gold 999 - Gifts Box from Blackwood, Ivory & Silk
Individual orders mice, keyboards, joysticks, and other manipulators of gold. Wooden gift box decorated with ivory and silk.
See also catalog exclusive mice of gold, platinum, wood, stone, bone, diamonds - www.mouse.mj777.com

Exclusive bracelet watches gold 750-carat and malachite. Gold bracelets. Gold watch. Gold jewelry.
Individual orders insertion of any kind of precious and semiprecious stones.
Malachite, Turquoise, Amethyst, Peridot, Tourmaline, Crystal, Topaz, Agate, Quartz, Beryl, Tiger's Eye, Aquamarine,
Charoite, Garnet, Aragonite, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Paraiba, sphene, titanite, Demantoid, Padparadscha,
Cat's Eye, Tsimofan, Alexandrite, Tsavorite, Noble Opal, Imperial, Spinel, Tanzanite...
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Exclusive Bracelet Watch Made of Gold & Stone - Customize by MJ

Gold jewelry handmade trinkets as AK47 Kalashnikov rifle.
On individual production release trinkets as any weapons or any form po.eskizam customer.
Keychains luxury of solid gold, platinum, palladium, silver, rhodium, osmium, iridium and other precious metals.
MJ Luxury Key Chain Gun - Gold Trinkets - See also catalog trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com
Also catalog exclusive weapons and handmade accessories - www.weapon.mj777.com
For Individual Order Key Ring Made of Solid Gold, Platinum, Silver, Rhodium, Osmium...

Gold jewelry - scorpion brooch of gold and diamonds.
Gold pendants. Gold rings. Gold earrings. Gold necklace. Gold pendants. Gold bracelets...
Individual orders issued exclusive jewelry with gold plating with rhinestones or mud solid gold with diamonds.
Exclusive Scorpion Brooch of Gilding or Gold-Cast with Crystal Swarovski or Diamond. VIP Scorpions by MJ
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The Golden Notebook. Unique edition ultrabook in 18-or 24-carat gold.
Model of the Royal LE series is available in cast gold 750-carat (18K)
Model in the series is available in Gold Plated Gold plated body 999-carat (24K)
Individual orders any notebooks, laptops, tablets and other gadgets of gold.
MJ Ultrabook Asus Zenbook Exclusive Edition Gold LE. Laptop Solid Gold 18k or Laptop Gilding 24k
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Gold lipstick. Lipstick-bottle case of gold and decorated with diamonds by MJ
Individual orders any female accessories of real gold and precious stones.
Gold mirror, gold powder box, cosmetic gold, gold hairpin, gold scallop,
golden comb, gold clutch, gold handbag, and any other articles of gold and platinum.
See also catalog exclusive handmade products - www.handmade777.com

Gold flatware, gold cutlery, gold spoons, gold fork, gold knives by MJ
Individual orders luxury cutlery any design of silver with gold or solid cast gold.
Also, cutlery made of gold inlaid with amber, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds.
See also exclusive catalog of cutlery and crockery luxury handmade - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

Gold-plated key. Gift keys covered with gold or platinum. Golden key fob with ring by MJ
Individual orders any souvenirs, trinkets and accessories made of silver with gold or gold cast.
Golden key can be like this and serve to open the locks and decorative ornament.
See also catalog of exclusive souvenirs - www.souvenirs.mj777.com, vip trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com

Exclusive whistle of gold vip customize by MJ
Individual orders unique whistles for judges, referees, police, traffic police, the police...
Commissioned by the whistle can be made in gilded housing or enclosure entirely of solid gold.
Gold whistles. Silver whistles. Platinum whistles. Diamond whistles. Stone whistles.
Whistles with inlays of precious stones, precious woods, bones, meteorites, exotic leather...
Any whistle can be engraved with initials or inlay judge emblem federation emblem...
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Golden set 3 in 1 - gold cufflinks, gold tie clip and a gold hand.
All made of solid gold 750-carat. Available personalization by laser engraving.
Sets for individual orders of any amount and different types of jewelry and accessories.
Gold watch, gold cigarette cases, gold money clips, gold card holders, gold rings, gold bracelets,
purses, covers for documents and other business accessories for men and women with gold inlay.
Any kind of precious metals - gold 585th, 750th and 999th sample, palladium and platinum 850 th and 950.
Gold Royal Kit - Luxury Pen, Cufflinks & Tie Clip - MJ Limited Edition
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Oscar gold. Golden Oscar statuette. Perfect quality and premium materials.
Oscar statuette cast from pure 24-karat gold 999th sample. Any premium cups and figurines.
Copyright souvenirs from exclusive materials at various festivals, forums, conferences, awards, awards...
Individual orders any trophies, medals and awards in the cast or gilt gold, platinum, silver and bronze.
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Author Keychain Golden Dog. State trial and certificate.
Exclusive keychains as cats, dogs, puppies, parrots and any other pets.
Individual orders trinkets of all shapes and design of solid cast gold, platinum, palladium...
See also catalog of flash drives luxury of gold, platinum, leather, wood, bone, carbon and diamonds - www.keychains.mj777.com
Luxury Pets Precious Metals Private Order Edition by MJ

Watch case, bracelet, ring and flash drive are made of an alloy of gold newest 777-th sample.
Individual orders may perform body of precious metals for all models of hours.
See also catalog luxury watches - www.watch.mj777.com, unique rings - www.ring.mj777.com, vip flash drives - www.vip-flash.com
Exclusive Watch Solid Gold Case 777, Unique Gold Ring, & VIP Gold USB Flash Drive

Luxury picture frame and images of gold and diamonds.
Any size for individual orders 3x4, 9x13, 10x15, 13x18, 20x30, 30x40, 70x100cm and others.
The frame is available in 2 versions. Frames made of solid gold and gilded frame.
See also catalog exclusive photo frames, pictures and baguettes - www.frame.mj777.com
Luxury Frame Made Diamonds & Gold - 585, 750, 777 or 999 by MJ

Exclusive bracelets of gold and platinum handmade by MJ
Individual orders any design bracelets from any kinds of precious metals.
Gold bracelets. Gold watch straps. Platinum bangles, bracelets Palladium. Silver bracelets...
See also catalog luxury bracelets - www.bracelets.mj777.com and VIP hours and straps - www.watch.mj777.com

Gold flash drive. Flash in the case of solid cast housing 24 carat gold ingot.
Individual orders flash drive may be in the body covered with gold or platinum.
See also catalog designer handmade flash drives - www.vip-flash.com
MJ - USB Flash Drive Gold Classical Edition - Solid Ingot Gold 24 Carat

Legendary USB Flash Stick of gold and diamonds from MJ, released in a single copy.
Laura many jewelry awards and exhibitions. The first flash card in the world in the case of gold.
See also catalog exclusive flash drives made of gold, wood, leather, bone, stone - www.vip-flash.com
MJ - USB Flash Drive Gold Limited Edition - Single Copy Solid Gold, Diamonds.

MJ - USB Stick Micro Flash Drive Gold Limited Edition - Gold (Red, Yellow, White or Pink Color) with Platinum & Diamond.
See also catalog unique flash cards issued only for individual orders - www.vip-flash.com

Luxury Cufflinks made of Gold, Jet, Blackwood, Black Stone Amber etc. Any Design for Individual Order
Any exclusive designer cufflinks and tie clips of gold, palladium or platinum.
Individual orders cufflinks inlaid with precious stones, wood, bone, skin...
See also catalog luxury cufflinks and tie clips - www.cufflinks.mj777.com

Unique set of golden earrings and ring with amber - www.amber.mj777.com
Jewellery from the series are available in Gold Plated with gilt decoration any precious stones, as well as
coral, mother of pearl, gagate, carbon, wood, leather, bone and other valuable materials.
See also catalog exclusive earrings - www.earrings.mj777.com
Catalog luxurious rings and rings handmade - www.ring.mj777.com
Unique Set Amber Earrings & Ring Lux Edition by MJ

Hours in watch case of a unique gold 888k. Handcrafted calfskin strap premium quality.
See also catalog tuned luxury watches and straps - www.watch.mj777.com
Case Made from Solid Gold 888. Band Made from Genuine Leather


Not so long ago the question " What color is gold? " would have seemed strange. Everyone knew that the gold - a metal that in the nugget has a bright yellow color. It was hard to imagine that in addition to its sun-colored gold can be something else. Ancient jewelry created from native gold, attracting and blinding his bright yellow glow. But pure gold is very soft, fragile, and subject to rapid wear, glassware easily crumple and tear. Pure gold can even cut with a knife, so strength thereto were added other metals, resulting in a precious alloy.
Who is the main indicator of performance of precious metals is the sample, which corresponds to the amount of pure gold in an alloy. For example, 1,000 grams of gold alloy 375 ° sample contained 375 grams of pure gold, 585 ° sample - 585 grams, 750 ° sample - 750 grams. Other content alloy called ligature is ferrous base metal impurity, which is applied to gold better amenable to further processing and use. The exact composition and technology of these alloys are valuable trade secrets of companies that produce different colors of ligatures.
Dore alloy composition not only increased the strength of gold, but also changed its color according to the taste of consumers. Color and shades of gold depends on the impurities of other metals used in the alloy ligature. Copper, gold and silver give different shades from white to dark red.

In Soviet Russia had three gold colors that exactly correspond to the three samples. The most common sample of 585 gold (14 carat ) here and in Europe differs in composition ligatures. Rose gold sample corresponds to 375, red - 585, yellow - 750 (18 ct.) Today gold one sample may have different colors. For example, gold 585 can be white, yellow, red, green, brown, blue, dark blue and black.
Several centuries ago, the best ligature were found copper and silver. These metals is improving all the physical characteristics of the alloy. When added to the gold bar of a small amount of silver remained bright yellow color of gold, and his strength increased significantly. Jewelers long been known methods for producing various gold colors. Russian people are traditionally used to think the best red gold.
Red or Chervona and gold. When heated ingot of pure gold oxidized and turned from yellow to red. This gold was very much appreciated and was called with pure. Redness was a confirmation of purity alloy. Contaminated metal during heating remains yellow. Soon jewelers have learned to make red gold by adding copper with a small amount of silver, which is then sold as Chervona. With the increase in the copper content of reddish hues could amplify up to bright red. That's only gold mixed with copper is faded, dull. And the color of pure gold clear. The color of the alloy can ennoble, adding to it, except for copper, some silver. The more copper master alloy, the more likely fogging silver and gold products which on contact with oxygen begin to oxidize, forming a surface film of copper oxide decoration reddish brown. The more copper, the more fading.

Green gold. If the silver content exceeds 30%, the gold is silver color with a greenish tint and is considered to have special mineral which has been called electrum. With the addition of silver alloy color is green, turning yellow- green, yellow- white, and finally pure white. Zinc or cadmium alloy also give a greenish tint. Such alloys are fragile and in jewelry does not apply.
Yellow gold can be obtained in two ways: by means of ligature of silver and palladium or platinum or based on a complex alloy of silver, nickel, copper and zinc. Platinum colors gold alloy in white color even more intense palladium, but is rarely used in ligatures. One-tenth of palladium gives white ingot steel shade. The use of palladium alloys gives a nice white color, increases : the strength of the metal, but for the mass production of products, it is expensive. Nickel master alloy is much cheaper, but they give a yellowish tint to white gold, an alloy turns brittle and refractory. Finished products made of white gold is sometimes covered with rhodium plated to remove the yellowing, give them a special shine and durability, but in Russia it is rarely used. Sometimes at the expense of polishing yellowness becomes invisible. Determination of the degree of whiteness measured by a numerical classification system using the yellowness index. It is still not developed standards governing the color of gold. Who made the ligature representing a decent compromise between palladium and nickel. Compared with the yellow, white gold is more resistant to the action of the atmosphere. There are many brands of white gold. Most often made white gold 583rd and 750th samples. In recent time, especially expensive products used an alloy of gold and platinum, the so-called platinum gold 777th sample. This is the latest design Art Studio MJ and TM 777. Over time, a host of shades of gold : white, pink, red, green, black, brown, purple, blue, and blue.

Ligatures affect not only the color of precious metal, but also on its value. Often say, " gold Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Italian." What does it understand ? The place of his prey? No, to determine the origin of pure gold can not be any chemical or physical means. Distinguish gold can only Dore alloy. The Russian manufacturer produces jewelry made of alloys that are regulated by the state standards of the Russian Federation, which is regulated not only the content of the precious metal, but also many other components included in the ligature. As disproportionation leads to physical destruction of the product and damage to health of the consumer. For imported products (especially from Asia and the Middle East), such standards are not provided. For example, a small Turkish shopkeepers began to produce red for tourists, the so-called " Russian " gold. Not knowing the technology, gold alloy, they began to add a Copper, silver. The sample was kept consumer goods such as the quality of the product did not stand up to scrutiny.
The alloy of gold- copper - silver (Au-Ag-Cu) yellow color and has a high strength as well treated mechanically and by casting. The higher the amount of copper, the more fading. An alloy of gold- silver (Au-Ag) may change color from yellow to white, depending on the percentage of silver in it. Well treated as a mechanical process, and by casting. In the production of jewelry is rarely used because it has a pale color.

An alloy of gold- copper (Au-Cu) changes color from yellow to red, depending on the percentage of copper. With the increase in the copper content increases the hardness of the alloy, but it is worse machinable. In this regard, in the manufacture of jewelry in alloy injected a small part of the money, which makes it more malleable and ductile. Platinum - gold alloy (Au-Pt) changes color from yellow to white, depending on the percentage of platinum. Alloy White called "white gold." The alloy has high hardness and high melting point. In the production of jewelry is rarely used, mainly for the manufacture of frames and mounting casts diamonds. The gold- palladium alloy (Au-Pd) changes color from yellow to white, depending on the percentage of palladium. The alloy has high hardness and high melting point, resulting in an extremely rarely used in jewelry manufacturing. Alloy gold - cadmium (Au-Cd) changes color from yellow to gray, depending on the percentage of cadmium. Alloy brittle, resulting in jewelery is rarely used.

Various impurities affect the properties of the alloys of gold. For example, lead and tin alloys do brittle aluminum alloy remelting aluminum oxide may form which also makes the alloy unsuitable for processing. If we introduce zinc and cadmium together, the melting point is lowered more significantly than when administered separately metals, but use of these alloys ammonia separation skin and sweat they fade quickly. When working with a silicon-containing ligatures problems : poor mechanical properties, fragility, "orange peel", as well as problems with glitter. In the polishing process shiny product is achieved, but this increases the cost of the product. Alloys with a coarse-grained structure is softer and more prone to wear and scratches. To avoid this, in the alloys added " shredders grain" or " modifiers " is often refractory metals from the platinum group in an amount of 0.3-1.5 %, depending on the sample and the modifier. When polishing of such products is quite minimal effort to obtain a mirror finish, and with less loss of metal. Alloy leads to a denser and more resistant to abrasion and scratch resistance, marketability of the product is easily restored, fine-grained alloy due to a small amount of iridium. Due to the small size of the grain size is reduced shrinkage that occurs at the time of hardening and cracking at the box office. Normal ligature collapses from heat stroke during cooling.

Black, brown, purple, blue and blue gold. The color depends not only on the ligature additives, but the effects on the product by various chemical methods. At present, the color of gold jewelry can be obtained by several methods. Such colors like black, brown, purple, blue and blue, obtained by coating or superficial products by chemical or thermal reaction of one or more metals from the environment.


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